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Dear friends, dear members of SIESC – EFCT,

SIESC and VCL-Austria team invite you to the

64th Annual Meeting of SIESC at Tainach/Tinje from July 22nd to 27th/28th, 2019 

in Carinthia in Austria. The House of Formation “Sodalitas” expects us (www.sodalitas.at).

As our topic we have chosen: “The contribution of schools to integration by reasonable inclusion”. The contribution of schools to integration into society is irreplaceable: for pupils who need special support because of handicaps, for pupils who, as refugees of migrants, must acquire the preconditions in language and subjects for continuing school and vocational training, for pupils who are delayed in their education coming from a environment unfavourable for education. There are political ideas which demand too much of schools, which expect the schools to solve all the problems of society. It will be interesting to get to know the solutions in various European countries.

Tainach/Tinje is a small village in the region common to German-speaking and Slovene-speaking Carinthians. It is situated about 20 km from Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia with about 100.000 inhabitants. Carinthia hasn’t only got many well-known lakes, but also old churches, fortresses and castles, excavations of a Celto-Roman town and interesting museums.


SIESC and VCL invite you cordially



Alin Tat                                                                              Wolfgang Rank

President of SIESC                                                            Vice-president of SIESC