SIESC 2015 in Italy
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Dear friends, dear members of SIESC – EFCT,

SIESC and the preparation team invite you to the

63rd Annual Meeting of SIESC at Trier from July 24th to 29th/30th, 2018


Topic: “Law – freedom – responsibility”


By freedom in a democratic state under the rule of law we first of all think of a sphere protected by the state within which the individual can develop freely. But what is the relationship between the laws of the community and the freedom of the individual? Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote that freedom without obedience to the law meant arbitrariness, obedience without freedom meant slavery. In responsibility both are realized, obedience and freedom.


We will illustrate the concepts from various perspectives:

  • From a political-philosophical point of view: Some stages in the long evolution of the concepts of state and of freedom from the Middle Ages to the present will be the topic of the lecture.
  • From a pedagogical-psychological point of view: Work with children and youngsters displaying behavioural problems demands high pedagogical intuition and courage to use unorthodox procedures. But how are single case decisions and particular regulations argued?
  • From a theological point of view: What concepts of law and freedom does the Bible communicate?


Trier is situated in the central valley of the Mosel, near the border to Luxemburg. It is the oldest German town. Nowhere else north of the Alps can the times of the Romans be experienced as authentically as here. Nine UNESCO world heritage sites are found at close distance.


The optional excursion at the end of our meeting will take us to the town of Luxemburg, then to Echternach, the main place of “Luxemburg’s Little Switzerland”, so attractive for tourists.


SIESC and the preparatory team invite you cordially



Wolfgang Rank                                                                             Gisela Gerhardt

President of SIESC                                                                        Vice-president of SIESC



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