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Dear friends, dear members of SIESC – EFCT,


SIESC and Marcin and Alexandra Sawicky invite you to the 65th SIESC Meeting at Korbielów in Poland in July 2020.


Date: Monday 20 to Saturday 25, which is also the day of the optional excursion.

Topic: “Discovering details: invitation to neglected ways of learning". We deal with the development of knowledge and of the capacities of our intellect, with how we work and influence by our way of teaching. We ought to pay more attention to teaching skills by means of all five senses. In a world where everything is accelerating, students do not have time and the ability to pay attention to details. So, if we want to teach more, we should teach more slowly.


In three lectures we will focus on the following aspects: “Brains created to cooperation”, “Drawing from nature”, and “Forest education - finding relations”. For the afternoons manual workshops are planned, e. g. calligraphy. In language groups we can draw conclusions from our experiences.


The excursion on the last day will take us to Krakow.


From the airports in Krakow and Katowice you can reach the meeting place by train and by bus. In the invitations the possible routes to reach the place will be shown.


The SIESC council and the Polish colleagues invite you cordially to Poland.


Alin Tat                                                                 Marcin and Alexandra Sawicky

President of SIESC                                               Preparation team