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Journey there


Dear friends, dear members of SIESC – EFCT,


68th ANNUAL MEETING of SIESC at Vipava, SLOVENIA                       


From 24 to 29/30 July 2024 we will meet physically in Slovenia, at Vipava, which is situated about 75 km  south of Ljubljana (SLO) and 26 km east of  Triest (IT).

The topic of this year's meeting is what members of DKPS have identified as one of the biggest issues concerning not only teachers but also parents, grandparents and other citizens alike.

NEW CHALLENGES FOR TEACHERS: Gender – Sexuality - Education

The congress will offer various presentations on the topic of gender ideology, which is currently a most aggressive and dangerous issue, concerning especially young people. We hope that the presentations and the discussions will help us to look into the matter from different perspectives, as well as make us more determined to pass on our Christian faith and traditions to younger generations.


The congress is going to be hosted by Društvo katoliških pedagogov Slovenije (DKPS), Association of Slovene Catholic teachers.

One speaker, a pediatrician and a lecturer of medical ethics at the University of Ljubljana, is going to present the procedures of gender change and the problems, together with teh course of various cases of treatment of the young having disorders in the field of their own gender definition. He will talk about the social, psychological and medical aspects and a range of unpredictable consequences.

A professor of Informatics at Zelimlje Grammar School is going to speak about the issue of sexuality education and the outcome of the reseaches carried out among young people in Slovenia and the world alike. He will talk about the documents imposed by the WHO, and the documents and supporting measures protecting families, parents and schools from the aggressive gender ideology.

F. Silvo Šinkovec (SJ), the spiritual assistant of DKPS and the director of the Franco Pedička Institute, is going to talk about the support given to teachers from the Church, the Gospel and  prayer. He is going to present the influence of the society on the teacher's attitude to the issue, with an emphasis on what a teacher himself/herself can do for his/ her own attitude and perspective, together with his/ her integrity.
On the first day the President of The Commission for Education at the Slovenian Bishops Conference, Mons. Anton Jamnik, PhD. is going to give the opening address.


In the afternoons, we will visit some places of interest, such as the town of Vipava, the old library and the tomb of the last members of the French royal family of the Bourbons in Kostanjevica, a place near Nova Gorica, as well as enjoy various amazing handiwork exhibitions.
On our final excursion, we are going to visit the Soča Valley, the museum of the 1th World war in Kobarid and take a short boat trip on the lake at Most na Soči.


We look forward to meeting our brothers and sisters from different parts of Europe in our beautiful country Slovenia. You are cordially invited on behalf of SIESC and its organizing team.


For SIESC:                                                                           For the organizing team:
Alin Tat, President of SIESC                                               Helena Kregar and Marija Pisk